Kurdish State Debate


Should there be an independent Turkish state?

Where would the borders of such a state be defined?

Should the borders of the Middle East be redrawn in general?


I have conflicting views on this tbh. On one hand I’d like to actually try and help the people there get their shit figured out and allow for some stability, on the other hand we can’t because America is the Great Satan and kinda fucked things up. I’m kinda for just letting them figure their shit out theirselves for awhile and see where things go. At the same time though, if we do that then next thing you know the middle east is real life Fallout.


It should be based on ethnic borders. Start off by taking the Kurdish land in the autonomous zone in Iraq and the land partitioned by the YPG from Syria to make the state. If we can make a deal with the pro-western elements in Turkey to exchange Kurdish land for political favors that’d be great too, but it could get messy. As for the Kurdish lands in Iran and Armenia I’m sure we could figure something out.



What do you guys think about the idea of actual foreign ground forces getting involved to establish a new state?


The middle east is a hot mess that was the product of essentially the breakdown of a mutli ethnic empire, the ottomans. The west basically used the newly emerging states in the middle east as pawns for their interests, for a long time Iran for britain and arabia for the USA (still the case today). The kurds basically ended up as the main casualty of “nation” states that replaced the ottoman empire afterwards, partially due to the fact that a chunk of ethnic kurdistan which was conquered is in turkey, a major military power still, even after the fall of the ottomans, and turkey is largely what stopped a kurdish state forming, along with the rest of the “nation” states in the middle east

I put “nation” states in qoutes here because most of these states built themselves off quite literal fictional ethnicities to justify themselves, a good and nutshell explanation of this is available here:
The most notable example being Iran which built itself off a “Aryan ethnicity” (not related to nazis, its just a translation from their language and saying Iranian). But in reality 40% of the country are not ethnically iranian(“aryan”).

In short, yes Kurds should be allowed freedom of determination, but it will never happen because it will weaken alot of states, not to mention much of the area of Kurdistan sits on oil, which basically means you need to dial a phone to america or russia to let you come into existence, and hope someone else didnt do that already for you.

Dont you just love imperialism?

part 2 is also awesome:


I’m not completely against it, but I think it’d be counter-productive. They already really hate the west over there, so I feel like if the west was to get involved, they’d hate the outcome, even if the end prodcut would be beneficial to them.


That’s a great channel, glad you mentioned them