Ladies! Bare Minerals Make-up

… Is the best makeup I’ve ever used! If you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest it. :nod:

I’m not a heavy makeup wearer, never have been… this makeup feels like silk on your skin! You can sleep in it and the makeup still looks good the next morning! :thumbup


I’ve seen this stuff advertised on TV, it looks ok but I dont wear alot of makeup anywhere except my eyes


Funny thing is, Keight… it doesn’t even feel like makeup. You gotta check it out, Girl. And they’ve got incredible eye makeup too. :nod:


Peter’s in touch with his feminine side, tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

As always. Would this stuff go well with this outfit?


[quote=“Peter Parka, post: 1068717”]As always. Would this stuff go well with this outfit?


Oooooh, Baby! Dontcha know it. :cool

that’s what i wear. :slight_smile:

I don’t wear make up as a rule… And if I do it’s only about 3 times a year. I find buying makeup for me is a waste of money :frowning:


I’ve always wanted to try it but never made myself put up the money to do it.

I bought my first “starter set” at a store with a gift card. . .I love it. I don’t wear makeup very often, but when I do that’s all I use.

I’ve always wanted to try it… but the price!

i want to try it but im with red…the price

i use mousse foundation and mineral powder… i like trying new make-up so next time i buy some ill give it a go

I’m guessing you are talking about Bare Essentuals? There’s also Sheer Cover which right now is $29.99 and if you order you get locked into that price for each time they send out your new make up.

But I love mineral makeup! Definitely the best.

I use the physicians forumula version… since I have sensitive skin.

I agree. it is simply fantastic. It blends well and simply feels like nothing on your face. I dropped all other make-ups to just wear this. The woman who invented it is a genius. Plus it cleans off at night so easily. I completely agree with this thread.

ok so its easy to wash off but how does it cover? also i saw someone mention eyemake up as well how do those colors look