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so I was down in Norfolk Va visiting some friends this past weekend…things are going well until I get back to my buddies house…well the neighborhood my buddy lives in a lot of the houses are exactly the same…so as I get there I’m completely wrecked “drunk” for people that don’t understand…when I visit my buddy he leaves the garage door open for me so I can crash on the couch…so I walk in the garage and into the living room…set up the table and placed my wallet phone keys basicaly everything in my pockets on the table…I looked around the house because things seemed different so I went up stairs to tell my buddy g-no I was there…its about 430 in the morning now…well as I get up stairs I knock on the door of what I thought was G-NO’s room…next thing I know someone is yelling who the hell are you and all at once I realized that I was in the wrong house…:wtf …so I took off down stairs grabbed my bag and went back into the garage…when I go back into the garage I realized that I left all my other things on the coffee table so i stopped turned around but to my suprise their stood an old man with a very large butcher knife…the man was startled and so was I…I explained to him about my mistake and he wasn’t going to call the cops but his wife already went ahead and called them…the cops came and without missing a beat handcuffed me and threw me in the back of the squad car…now I’m nervous thinking I’m going to get arrested for B&E…the old man was a retired chief in the navy and told the cops that he didn’t want to press charges…so the cops released me to my friend next door…sunday I go back next door to appaulogise and as I am the old chief gave me a big hug and said don’t worry about it I was your age too once and made stupid mistakes…just get my drinking under control…so now my drinking is getting put on hold for a while…well until the 24th because its my b-day but I will resume my stoppage after that…well thats my story and what I’m sticking by


That’s some funny shizz right’charr. :laughing
Your lucky you didn’t get shot. Great story though. :booze


Do we sailors know how to drink or what? That was a great story Bacon. Not many people can say they got so drunk that they crashed at the wrong house. Haha! Good thing the dude was so cool about it though.


well he did hold the large butcher knife to my cheast while I was trying to explain what happened


HAHAHA, thats a great story bacon!


HAHA… I would of died!!! lol.


hahaha bummer man


:o That sounds like a really bad dream. Not something that would happen to someone in real life. Man, you got lucky!!


that’s the best story EVER. :rofl


I’m just glad he didn’t have a gun and was trigger happy…I know I would be


:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

I’ve never done that before. When I was in Hawaii and we camped out on the winward side on the beach. Got really drunk passed out, got up later to take a leak but I peed on the Tent we were sleeping in. It was a cheap ass MWR rental and it leaked thru on to some people sleeping in it.

Good Times Brudda :cool

I dont drink anymore. It got to the point every time I got mad at my wife or kids for something I’d want to have a few beers and get a buzz going.
It was a stress reliever but decided that running to the alky was not addressing the real problem which was not wanting address the real issues. Once I came to that conclusion it was pretty easy for me to realize the crutch was not a fix but a temporay band aid. Stopping also gave me some empowerment for the Wife and other issues that I didn’t want to deal with. Now I have no problem telling her to go F***K off when she gets on my nerves.

Not saying that you have a problem or anything U.B. But I got the feeling after reading your post that you were a little spooked about the whole ordeal and you might think that losing control like that is a sign of abuse.

Plus I’m not busy at work right now and just typing and typing and typing and typing and :blah :blah :blah :blah :blah :blah :blah :blah :blah


I’m Lord and Master
You All Are Bastards
Worship Me
Or I’ll Stab Your Eyes Till They Bleed
I’m Lord And Master

anyway…I hear what your saying black…I just figure its time to slow down if things like that are happening


Re: RE: last sat.

[quote=UncleBacon]I’m Lord and Master
You All Are Bastards
Worship Me
Or I’ll Stab Your Eyes Till They Bleed
I’m Lord And Master

anyway…I hear what your saying black…I just figure its time to slow down if things like that are happening[/quote]

It’s all about control. If you can hang with it then good on ya!

Oh yea, I love talking about my sorted life. Back in 1980 I was living just off potters road in Va. Bch. Got really wasted on some herb and amyl nitrate, plus asoorted liquor’d beverages. Decided to go home around 1130. I had a 68 firebird and was driving down potters road on the backside of Oceana and missed a left turn and ended up stranding my car on the railroad tracks :o . I could have walked home and slept cause it was only three blocks awaybut was afraid a train might hit my car. So like a dumb ass I flagged down the first car I saw which was base security and they in turn called th Va. Bch Porkey patrol who took me to jail and had to wait the whole day the next day to see a judge to plead guilty to public drunk. 35.00 fine. The S.P’s took me straight to my command just in time for work. ( I worked night shift). I didnt have any dungarees to wear so I borrowed a pair from a friend. layed low until the div. offficer left and the senior Chief left then I put in a chit for the night off and went to the salvage yard to get my fire bird. The right side lower control arm was bent and the tire was wedged up into the wheel well. The Mech. there was cool :cool and we chained the lower control arm up to a light poll and bent it back straight. Perfecto drove her home and crashed for the rest of the night. What a frickkin Ordeal!


wow…I know exactly where you were…I was at oceana for 9 months limdu and know the area well


That is an awesome story dude!


only cause it didn’t happen to you…trust me it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be



:banana Bacon, only that would happen to you. lol.

Well, and maybe to the canadian.


your right