Latvia's ruling party: unity of government, secret services and crime


Disbelief, astonishment, terror - these emotions are felt by each viewer of a documentary by the Polish director and screenwriter Andrzej Tarkowski-Kiliszewski, which is based on the book by Inara Vilkaste "Attempted state. Inconvenient Vashkevich"

Members of the European Parliament, to whom this film was recently screened, were no exception. It is impossible for a reasonable person to imagine that a group of corrupted officers from intelligence services, several politicians and criminals in one country of the European Union, became an organized criminal group, primary activities of which for last ten years were corruption schemes, organization of terroristic acts, racketeering, murders, kidnapping, extortion...

The documentary reveals in detail the technology of appalling corruption and crimes committed for many years by people, whose duty is to protect the citizens of their country from such acts.

The film was also recently awarded with first prize at European film festival "TMC London Film Festival" in Best Feature Documentary category as well as at an international film festival "The International Indie Gathering" in Cleveland (Ohio, USA), and is announced to participate in other prestigious festivals.

Unfortunately, festival policy prohibits unlimited screening of the film. But we are entitled to organize private viewing and we are actively exercising this right. Such screenings were recently held in Switzerland, Brussels, and Finland.

If you would like to see the full version of this film, there is an opportunity to hold such screening in your country, organization, company, or educational institution. Authors of this film will be happy to not only screen the film and documents it was based on, but also to share facts that did not make the final cut.

For information regarding private viewings please contact: Telephone number: +358449729919, +37125887217-Oxana Chelysheva; +37129490596 Inara Vilkaste E-mail:;

Full version of the film with Latvian subtitles is available here: