Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay



A full 12 minutes of gameplay was leaked. Looks damn good to me.


Looks really good. I hope they don’t over price this like most of the games. Might make me consider getting it if they don’t charge to much.


Looks like they’re getting back to the original Battlefront games. This looked much better than what was previous given to us a few years ago. I can’t wait for this to come out!!


gimmie those space battles dice, don’t flake out now


So sad that last time I tried to I couldn’t seem to connect to the servers on the original Star Wars Battlefront 2. And my new computer won’t even run it now.


Because the game servers were hosted by Gamespy, which don’t real anymore.
People still play using 3rd party hosts like Gameranger, but there’s really only one active server.


I’ve been waiting for this for a looooooong time