Least Favorite Christmas Song


Jeff Foxworth has a country countdown and he said that Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer was voted the least popular Christmas song. It’s one of my favorites!!! What’s everyone’s least favorite? I personally hate all of the traditional slow sappy ones.


mostly all of them are my least favorite…i’m starting to get to the point that when I listen to them on the radio I go crazy. Besides. they’re doing 1 song with 30 different versions!




my kids like to listen to them on the radio, so we listen to them in the car alot. But theres only a few that I really like. The other ones, ehhh.


My two favorite Christmas songs are:

No Presents for Christmas - by King Diamond
Merry Fucking Christmas - by Mr. Garisson from South Park


I hate X-mas


anyone ever hear “a very larry christmas” from larry the cable guy??? its hysterical :banana


Re: RE: Least Favorite Christmas Song



I pretty much hate “it’s begining to look alot like christmas”…CUZ THE WEATHER NEVER COOPERATES lol


I like “I will be home for christmas (If only in my dreams)”.