what is the secret to level four, before i loose my mind on a game… :tard


For me to know and you to find out!!! :fu

Ledix = my bitch… you gotta plan every move out in your head before you make one. :kneel


I know what you mean Jimmy. I thought I had it fingered out a few times only to be thwarted! Dammit.


i finally got level four, but level five is to be continued…


i cant even get past level 1. I must be pretty stupid cause that game :owned me every time.


Level 17 bishes… someone beat my score… so i had to beat that by 18,000 points :fu


ok well i got to level 4 but i cant beat it. oh you ^^^^ there :fu


So what was the order Jimmy? Can you PM me with it or are you gonna make me suffer and try to finger it out myself? :smiley: