Liam Issac, and Melissa

I dunno :humm:

Kid looks a lot like Mulder to me :ninja

Make sure you give them both lots of squishy hugs and smoochies from us too Jim!!

Tell Mel that she done good.

Cute kid, obviously takes after momma. :smiley:

He is gorgeous!! I love his hair! OMG, we have some beautiful babies here

awe so cute My daughter i saw the pics and was saying baby baby lol

my daughter was chuffed…he was born on her birthday

OMG Haus! He totally does look like a cabbage patch kid! He’s the cutest frickin baby ever…:smiley:

awwww congrats!!!

Awww, he’s too cute. He has hair like Dominic had when he was born.

Oh what a little angel face !!

Congrats and all the best to you ! :slight_smile:

He is so cute! I love seeing things like this.

Precious baby. Enjoy every moment!

How adorable! Congrats you two and welcome, Liam!



Nice pictures too! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Those pictures are wonderful! Awww send my best wishes out to Melissa and Liam! Congratulations on having such a beautiful boy, he’s so cute! :smiley: I see a mix of Melissa and Jim on him, I love his hair too… hehe :smiley:

what a gorgeous baby! and Mel looks wonderful!

congrats to you both!

Omg lump! Hes so handsome!

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these are my favorites

The kid looks just like Mulder!!! :eek