So… some of you may know me… some of you may be like… whos this chick. Anyway… Im here to just get out what I am feeling right now… I live in TN now… most of my family is still in NJ… but my mom and dad was on the way here from NJ 3 days ago and she calls me to say that she will be heading back to NJ the following day because my grandma is really sick. Well she got here and the rest of the family from NJ talked her out of coming back. They said that my gram can go on like this for another 2 weeks or so. Well the past 2 days she has gotten worse. She hasnt eaten anything in days. All she does now is sleep. I was there for my dads mother (this is my mothers mother) when she passed away. We were all there in the room with her as she took her last breath. It is something that I will remember forever. I talked my mom into leaving with me tomorrow AM to go back to NJ and be with her. I am sooooo affraid that is going to be too late by time we get there. I dont want her to suffer at all. But if there is a slight chance that she can wait without suffering till we can get to say goodbye to her. I dont want her to take her last breath alone. :confused

I’m sure that she knows that she’s not alone. My mom’s father decided to pass while no one was there. But he knew that he wasn’t alone. We don’t really know when they go…but I believe that they come up with their own and right time to pass. Everything will work out for the best.

Thank you… We didnt make it there. She passed away this afternoon. She wasnt by herself at least. She was with her son and the nurses. I would like to hope and believe that she is in a happy, better place.

She is in a better place. I hope your doing okay, along with your family.

My condolences, Suzie.

I watched my grandma take her last breath in the hospital December of '94. I know what you mean by remembering it forever.

May she Rest In Peace.

Thanks for all the millions of people that responded. I feel the love all over.

Sorry to hear that:( My grandma passed away when I was forcibly seperated from her after nursing her though her illness and that sucked. Hope you can get through this ok:)

sorry i didn’t see the post sooner. death sucks.

My Condolences Suzie,

Losing anyone, regardless of why is Never Easy

I wasn’t going to post anything about this because it seems to be minor. but my grandpa went to the hospital wednesday because he was having an irregular heart beat and heart palpitations (sp?). He’s had a history of heart complications and they’re speculating on if he’s going to need surgery or not.

Thanks for the people that actually took the time to read and respond…
In my 28 years of life I didnt have to deal with death a lot. I have only been to 2 funerals…both of them being my grandmothers. The grandmother that just passed away lived with us, so it was a little harder. The other grandmother had a closed casket. And this one…it was opened. It was hard to see her there… I kept thinking I would see her eyes open, or her chest move up and down. I started to think about so many things…crazy things. Like they should come out with some kind of pill… or some kind of operation to transplant all your old stuff and make you completly new. As crazy as it may sound, in todays world…Im surprised there isnt anything like that.