Lindsay Lohan is ugly now :(


have you guys seen her recent pictures??? she looks horrible now, and the once great boobars are now gone, and will never return to be as great as they once were. today is a sad day :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:


yea, i thought i would see for real what she was now looking like on SNL last saturday wen she hosted… but… rerun!

she is ugle now- kinda crackhead whorishly ugly. and she had a sweet rack. and her hair was her charm- now it is all fucked up too.sad day indeed.


oh man im fuggin pissedm, why would someone so beautiful do that to them selves?


very sad what happend


Yeah, what the hell? Can we get some pics posted here or what?


do u really need pics


Yes… yes I do.




yeah she had really nice hair and now she looks like … i dunno, but it was a bad idea



yeah, um…

sprite is good :banana


^^^^ whore!.. :smiley:


if pix are posted, i might barf…


unless they are “before” pictures


:needpics please show new pics. so i can go cry :frowning: i dont believe you…


most would probably rather see old ones :smiley:


well give a link to the new ones so its someones choice or not, i don’t want to be taken by total suprize when she comes over to my house saturday night, ya know… :lol :cool


Bitch needs a sammich or something.

From this hur:

To this hur:

BTW: you guys suck at the internet.


OMG!!!i want to cry now. why the fuck would anyone want to go from uber hot to really sick lookin :dunno


Dang! She looks like an Olsen twin now. What the fuck happened to her boobers? Where’d they go? :dunno


:wtf :wtf :barf what a nasty bitch… that is the nastiest thing since fat chicks in thongs… :dunno :barf