Little Jhonny - Phantom

The teacher is quite worried as there’s been lots of stuff stealin thing going on in Little Johny’s class… so one day she say to the class.

I know who is doing all the stealing, Its the Phantom. Now what we are goin to do is that we are goin to turn off the lights and then in the dark the Phantom will come and he will place all those missing things on My table, after 5 min we are goin to turn on the lights and every body will get their stuff back. OK? any Questions?

The kids say thats ok.

SO the lights are shut off , its pitch black and they start waiting… in the middle of this they hear some really strange noise …any way after 5 minutes the light is turned on and to every body’s astonishment there is crap on the teachers table, and on the White board it is written THE PHANTOM STRIKES AGAIN !

lmao, thats one bad kid