Little mother fugger


felt something weird on my arm, look down and this little spider ran off and across my carpet.


Took a pop lid and smashed the little fucker. I don’t mind spiders as long as they stay on the walls and away from me, but this one fuckin got on me. He dead now. bish.



I would freak…I hate spiders…they’re about the only thing that really bug me literally


I was at work yesterday morning and i felt something crawling on my arm, I thought maybe a hair fell on me but it was a flea! They are so nasty!


i would just spill a little beer on the spider and the fucker will get drunk quick and then he will leave you alone b/c everybody is friendly and nice when drunk- either nice or violently insane…


james would get the violantly insne spider that would start biting him like crazy up his arm…if we could only get so lucky


How about daddy long legs? Do you guys hate them or you pull one side of their legs off and watch them go round and round?

I hate snakes. I know snakes are good, but they need not be around me!


did u know that daddy long legs are very poisonous they just don’t have strong enough teeth to puncture our skin and snakes don’t bother me at all


Daddy long leg can’t hurt me, but snakes can. and yes I knew that. Thanks for telling me.


ok and knowing is half the battle


GI Joe watcher. I guess you liked GI Joe so much that you are one now.


not exactly but I was a big fan of the movie


Was there a movie? When I was a kid , I watch GI Joe. It was cool. I am to old and to cool for it now. Its Fox news now.


yeah the movie was cool…the only time they ever showed blood


In the cartoon, did anyone die?


not that I remember


Everyone lived


except for the androids


Got go to work :barf


have fun


My girl woke up with one dangling right above heard head…let’s just say she woke me up too