Live chat


who would use it?

right now it is calm waters i am treading over here with james online and myself and lemon- we should have a chat?


sure :banana


ive actually asked joe about this already and he said he would think about it once we had more members. :slight_smile: BUT, I am sure we can talk him into it.


Vs just joe until he says yes.

Of course that act might have detrimental effects that will deter him from putting a chat up right away.




i would use the chat late at night i think when im off work and on aim and what not.


definitely, it would be fun… sometimes


well, if we get it, we actually have to use it LOL


Re: RE: live chat

Yep, that’s the thing. Not enough members yet to warrant all the hard work put into it.


i would be down! :rock


I would too but us overseas guys don’t have a lot of people to talk to when we are on. SUCKS!!!


I am gonna say no…because if its anything like the MF chat, noone will use it…i never did :booze


Thats because MF chat sucked it wasnt very user friendly nor fun imo


prolly not


I would use it if people actually went in and chatted. Because if they didn’t then it would be a waste.


id check it out- its good for when all the regulars are on and the topics fill so fast you cant reply before 4 other posts were put up in the thread you were reading :smiley:


not a whole lot of people are ever on at at once here


Re: RE: live chat

ive seen like 234 when tazzy was on… :tard


once in a while.

it would be cool