Live in History


If you were to be born at any time in History, when would that be?

Try to think less of health issues, like obviously if you want to live longer you’d live now, and think more about experiencing history.

Interesting to hear what everyone thinks.


I’ve always been interested by the ancient times and empires. Rome, Greece, Persia, etc. But I also enjoy the time periods between 1700- mid 1800’s. Napoleonic Era and things like that.


Sengoku jidai Japan, though obviously as one of the aristocracy.


Ancient Egypt, but I’d want to be rich.


som pepo point to the technological differences in terms of quality of living between now and the past as a reason not to go, but honestly it’s not super convincing to me since being a member of the elite in many past societies meant massive amounts of quality pussy as well as power on a very local and interpersonal level.

I would choose to be the firstborn son of some rich patrician of Rome some time during the mid Republic to mid Empire with at least a 50 year period before any existential war or plague.


Wish I’d been alive at the beginning of the civil rights movement. Would be able to see that, social reform, Cold War and the end of, first and second Gulf War.


Hey, don’t fret! If we try hard enough, we might get a second cold war with China/North Korea :blush:



I think growing up as a teen into a career in the 50s and living in suburbia through this time of excitement, change yet prosperity and family values would be the absolute optimal life for the average person ever witnessed.


I’d say being upper middle class or above anywhere between 1900-1940 would be your best bet, in America or the U.K. although the U.K. had tons of trouble with WW2.


Probs a Jewish Bolshevik commissar swindling the Goyim in Ukraine in the 1930’s.


Venice or Istanbul during the late 16th to early 19th century


This may be a little inaccurate but wasn’t Sulieman trying to conquer Venice or something like that but he kept failing miserably over the course of his seiges?



50-150 AD Roman Empire as a Patrician career soldier/ politician,

1400s Constantinople and die defending the last breaths of the Roman Empire,

Antebellum South and die defending my people during the Civil War as some mid-high ranking soldier/politician,

1900 German Empire and, yknow,

or mid 1920s US so I could experience the 40s and 50s in fullest terms.


what’s with the right wing and universal love for 1950s US


Roughly 1270- 1370, Britain.


it’s like the white dream before the 60s came along and hippies ruined it


nixon didn’t have enough helicopters?

tbf i was referring to UK/european 1950s but in reality the US might indeed be better for this period, historically speaking and popular culture speaking. mafia 2 certainly makes it awe inspiring



But the whole sexual revolution/ cultural shift killed it.


i mean, assuming i was part of the aristocracy / nobility i’d say 1400-to-1600 italy / southern europe

if i’m not from an aristocratic background then pls let me stay in my current time period


Now that I think about it, my choice would be a tie between an aristocrat in the Sengoku jidai or a scholar during the late Tokugawa era/rise of the Kokugaku.