LMAO my poor cat

my Somali pirate cat :24::24::ninja


Awwww, how cute!

LOL! You need a caption for that. :smiley:

:nod::smiley: yeah we do! Good idea!

:24::24::24: - Awesome :clap

Interesting paws . . .

looks like your cat has thumbs :slight_smile:

Is he laying on a platter?? LOL

[quote=“canidae, post: 1092056”]:24::24::24: - Awesome :clap

Interesting paws . . .[/quote]
he has ‘hands’…lol plus one. six toes on every foot…inbreeding we think.:ninja:24:…hes a great cat. thinks hes a dog and plays well with our big real dog Penny.:smiley:

[quote=“Jersey, post: 1092057”]looks like your cat has thumbs :slight_smile:

Is he laying on a platter?? LOL[/quote]
he uses them like thumbs…he can pick things up just like a human. Hes on a plastic box/bin…the american term i’lll have to ask the husband… but my kitchen is in that bin…lol dried goods.:smiley:



Cats who think they are dogs are the best IMO. :thumbup

I had a cat I called Headbanger. He was afraid of nothing. I saw him chase a dog down the street one day :eek :24:

He would fight me for my dinner. He once ripped a chicken leg out of my hand and went off to eat it. I let him have it, as I figured I might lose my hand if I tried to get it back :24:

Tote, (as in rubbermaid)?

He looks kinda pissed LOL

lmfao poor cat

Aww thats cool poor cat

AWE! That is too cute!!!

Can I play…



I can’t get over his paws:24::24::24:

Thumbs up pirate cat:thumbup:24::24::24:

Looks like he’s wearing “kitten mittens”

I agree on the mitten look. How cute!

You should have a thread where people who have submitted captions can have them voted on and then the best one gets to be the new “lolcat” picture!