Look what I found



This is the site that GMkiller frequents. Maybe we should all go over there and let them know how he tells people that he’s going to fuck their 7 year old daughter.

I don’t think he quite understands how NOT funny that really is.


I agree!



nah, lets just try and let the whole thing die :dunno


O yeah, thats smart. :tard


I like hairspray :tard


GM is a sick PUP he needs help :o :o


I like cheese :tard


How about Ice Cream :banana :banana :smiley:





bwahaha dude my shit has 245/45’s and they barely even cover the wheel lip…that cheap ass motherfucker put 235’s on his.


Lets all sign up, use fake names and call him out.


ill do it, if everyone else does… let me know. :slight_smile:


engaging now. Very lightly at first to draw him out. Then flame on…

Don’t be a puss, Verni. GET IT OWN!!!

I don’t really have a dog in this fight, so I’m not sure how interested I can stay.