Looking at a house


has anyone rented to own before? I would really like to start puting money into a house instead of an apartment, cause then i dont see any of it. But this place looks perfect, and its a good price as well.


I mean 2100 sq ft is pretty decent size right?


1200/month, i hope to hell you aren’t living there alone


Hey man that looks nice. Have a woman to pay for some of it? LOL. Is it 3 or 4 bedroom? It says both in different places. :tard


It says it comes with lawn service is it part of an association if so it will cost you extra per month also check into taxes and insurance it sounds like it will be an expensive investment unless they are paid from the 1200. I am just getting licensed to do loans in FL if you wana buy a house look me up :smiley:


:rock nice size garage for the parts :smiley:


It’s a very nice place!! Just consider utilities and other costs… it’s going to be more each month in electric, etc with a bigger space. I say you should go for it if you can afford it and will have money left over. I was looking at a really nice apartment, but it was just a bit too much when it came to adding in bills and stuff. I am going with something more moderate, so I can spend money on Xmas, food, and going out for fun and stuff. It sucks I can’t get the place I want, but I’m still happy.

Best of luck in the decision and let us know what you choose!


my apt at school is 1480/month plus cable/internet and electric… but thats split 4 ways


are you and mrs stangtang getting this together.