Looking for radical right-wing social media accounts and outlets," its for research "



So just my international relations master’s program in college and one of the things I want to do is to get out of my social media bubble of Guardian articles and mainstream blob media. So it up best way would to a false some outlets to help me understand Trump and why liberalism has claimed by the mainstream is in decline.


Its for research

Press X to doubt

All jokes aside, I can’t really help you here, sorry


Honest it’s to know the enemy.


Oh I believe you, I just don’t know many you probably haven’t already heard of. Go on /r/The_Donald if you want to get into the minds of the far-right (even if they’re rotted excuses for brains). It’s a total circlejerk, but it’s great for research. Just blend in and dont question their BS and you should be able to go undercover. If you want to go full undercover then I’d make a different Reddit account entirely

As for news sources, Breitbart is the big one, though I suppose if you wanted to go really far down the rabbit hole you could go to InfoWars