Looks like someone else used their tokens


yep, I did… Tim has himself a new title from me (but joe is the one that came up with it…) I was gonna put v’s bitch, but joe liked what we put instead… LOL


looks at tims profile to get a good laugh


tims online now, i wonder if he knows about the name change yet :dunno


yeah, he has seen it :smiley:



It’s gettin pretty dangerous in these waters




OK SO WHOS GONA BE NEXT :banana :banana


im saving up for a permanant change. if i do a permanant change: if someone else does a 1 week change for themselves, when the week is over, does it go back to the one i changed it to? :dunno


Blue what are you up to heheheheh :lol :lol


i know how to rack up about 1000 tokens every night doing nothing. not long til i have 15000 :banana


You wish :smiley: :smiley:


look at my score for vlax… i own that game. i got that score without playing it. :banana


Hum i see well then us the points what you wonta put for a title ???


you shouldnt of said that… Now joe made me fix the game… NOW you only get 1 point per 30,000. It was you get 1 point per 250.


Oh No not good to spill the secrets BLUE :dunno


sowwy… :frowning:


i might spend some tokens soon on hrmm… lol


Who :lol :lol


sorry for spilling the beans. didnt mean to ruin it for everyone.

heres the secret. you can only get a lot of points if you make it to the final level. if you dont, you dont. the final level- coins drop and theres nothing to interfere with your collecting them.


Posting to see title

EDIT: Sweet…still the site drunk :booze