Looks like


uncle bacon owns boxing


lol. yeah i guess you do. i dont know how the hell you got over 6 million points. i couldnt even get 1. i guess i was doing something wrong. i got up to round 2 and i just said fuck it.


Joe saw that last night and about shit his pants LOL


the scoring system in the game is totally fucked, it was fucked when I put it up but I thought the game was cool so you know…


Re: RE: looks like

same here… ( i assume when say “1” you mean one point - not 1 million… )

yep, quit with zero points


yeah i meant 1. i think bacon got yours and my points.


Re: RE: looks like



I’m just good with my fingers ask any girl I’ve been with…lol


Re: RE: looks like

woman tell me its to make up for your poor perfomance in bed :fu

j/k :lol


:owned you fugger…I just woke up so I can’t even think of a smartass comeback