Looky what I got today!





:banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana

:woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot


Why isn’t it installed yet? Lets get going, so you can have a fast stang like me :smiley:

Congrats on the delivery :rock


haveta say, I was surprised when it was here waiting for me.


Mmmm, I want one. If only I had some money to spend on the car.


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Way cool Greg you go :lol :lol

:banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana

:woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot :woot[/quote]


wow, awesome purchase :rock


damn dude, very nice! I wish i had a blown Mach


Thanks! I can’t wait…hell Saleen…I’m thinking the hell with the Mach, I’d rather just be BLOWN! :smiley:




:o friggin sweet :banana

sorry Joe…Steed’s my NEW hero LOL.


congrates!!! Guess you didnt need my boobie money afterall :slight_smile:


well Greg it looks like your already BLOWN you just need to put it on :hump :hump :lol :lol :smiley:


Uh…uh…uh…yes…yes I do!


:rock :rock :rock

Soooooo Jelouse!! Kick ass man. Congrats.

I’m actually still consitering picking up a new Mach. I’m just too big a jackass… New Mach I with 20K miles supercharged asking $26K at the HONDA lot. :dunno Don’t ask me how it got there, but if it’s still there next week, I may be a Mustang convert. :wtf It’s even white.




Nice…deal :smiley: :gears


i want one.


Where are the pics of you stuffing it under the hood of that thing?


I think he’s planning on takeing the Booze route and keep it in his garage…http://forums.offtopic.com/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif