Losing Weight... eek

I really need to start losing my weight, also eat a ton more healthier, just wondering what kind of exercises do I start out with? I already walk all day, walk for another two miles at least 3 or 4 times a week but my body needs to do more so I can get rid of this belly of mine… also the fact I need to have better endurance… I can feel my body getting used to the walking and now I am ready to put it a level higher but where do I begin? :surrender

I’m trying to lose weight. It’s not working.

I already lost 20 pounds since November, which is very good for me, at the moment though I am trying to at least be able to have enough strength to handle a person when needed be, also being able to run very fast for a long distance… I am not even close to that level so I am wondering how do I start with that.

the problem with walking/running to lose weight is that it can be boring…have you considered play a sport a few times a week?

I have considered going to the recreation centre on Thursday for a bit of swimming if they allow me in for an hour or two… you are right that it can be boring but I am a little bit different than previous times that I tried to lose the weight, I am more focused and determined, I just need ideas of how to lose weight faster since I want to be fit by next year…

riding an excerzie bike for half hour extra each day? Or better idea would be to rde a normal bike outside as it would probably be more interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a normal bike, heck I’d ride it to work but I don’t want to stink either, lmao! Half an hour wouldn’t be bad… I was thinking of doing a treadmill run for at least 45min each day but I like the idea of varying it a bit. :slight_smile:

martial arts?..bursts of energy burn…you learn how to defend yourself too:nod:

True, just need to find a place that fits into my schedule, I do shiftwork and it’s very unpredictable, that is my downfall for taking expensive classes, also the fact I don’t have the money for it.

I don’t need help Ian. If I lose it I lose it. If I don’t I don’t. It’s up to me really how much effort i put into it and what I choose to do.

you could phone around…many clubs have classes at various times these days…and it needn’t be as expensive as you think

Yeah, I am just kinda limited, which sucks. Although I am considering being trained by one guy for 4 or 5 hours, which he helps on pressure points :smiley:

mind you…every little bit helps…like taking the stairs instead of the elevator

I already stopped calling taxi’s on late nights so I can walk, unless an emergency or else I am too sore… I will endure walking, which I am really liking now… before I would’ve said a different story and some nights I am extremely difficult to deal with but I like that inner battle, it reminds me that I can’t take a few things for granted… also fight myself to become a better and healthier self is more important. Although I am running into the same problem every week, if I don’t keep my body in motion or moving for a day or two then I get very burned out, if I am doing exercises or so then I am good to go all day…

all the more reason to keep it up:nod:

Yeah I suppose, this 7 days of walking for a few days straight has taught me a very good lesson on that I can do it consistently and still be okay while I am at work :smiley: Day 4 was a bugger though… after that, it was easier… finally :surrender

it’ll get easier all the time:nod:

That is what I am learning throughout the past few months, it takes work to do it and I am seeing the results more clearer now, I would have never been able to do the stuff I am doing now last year.

and i bet you’ve lost some weight and have much more stamina

My stamina is improving, I don’t get as tired anymore, or as burned out, or as sore… although I do run into back pain but I am doing stretches to help with that and that’ll take some time before I see results but it is improving as well, before it would’ve killed me all night.