Lost my words

Ok Can Anyone tell me how stupid i am :frowning: I was going to meet a lad today of the internent and well got to the park near his and it turned 12 I was like he’s not here so Ill go home silly me a fit lad come walking down the street honnest It was James who I was meeting so I couldnt find my speach so i just kept walking still didnt have the guts :frowning: and we kept looking at eachother :frowning: OK he will never talk to me no i feel so stupid I dont think a hot guy like him would ever like me lol

just say you werent sure that it was him

Im scared ive blew it haha he was just so hot and i felt like omg

i’d just be flat out and say i got scared or maybe you werent sure about that. just ask for another date! My first ex asked me for a date and then wouldnt answer damn the phone for a week!:24: (although i thank god i broke up with her… schitzophrenia…:eek)

I will if he talks to me :frowning: I dont no i just thought he was so hot and i was like ugly and shit got nervous haha

just give it a try, it’s not like he’ll backhand you just for trying! :emo_love031

btw i saw your pics, and you are NOT bad looking… looks around for wife, runs for cover

:24::24::24::24::24::24::24::24: lmao thanks

Wierd lol was it like you were on same side of street and kept looking back?

YES and he went do the bike path near the houses we just kept looking :frowning: he was so so so hot and i lost my confidence hahaha

Stage fright lol oh well try again, just be out with it, tell him u got scared lol more than likely he’l find it cute lol

I will if he gets in contact with me haha im waiting I sent him a message saying what happened lol

Brush it off lightly not too deeply though lol

lol I will i just cant get over how fooking hot he is

we all act like goons around hawt peeps, like stutter or say summat stoopid lol or just dont say anything at all

Ye but if you was james what would u be thinking right now lmao