Lots Of Work


Not that I’ve been on very much lately anyways, but I figured I’d give a heads up so nobody thought I left or was banned. My grandma had cancer a while back, and it went away with therapy and all that. Well, the doctors did an MRI not even a WEEK AGO, and found nothing. Well, this Monday that just passed, she wasn’t feeling good, so she had an ambulance take her up to the hospital. It turns out that the cancer is back, and has spread alot. They say she’s only got a few weeks to live. I’m not EXTREMELY distraught or upset about this, but I will miss her and am a little upset, but my mom is going to stay with her for a while until she dies(Since they are daughter and mother). So I’m stuck with all the house work. Dishes, laundry, cleaning, plus my school work. Just figured I’d tell this because it means I won’t be on as much. But I’m not leaving or any of that.



damn, sorry to hear all that


Sorry to hear that, i hope it works out the easiest way possible. Good luck with the housework, try to keep it clean as you go, and get some paper plates and stuff :dunno If you get to slackin on the laundry, use baking soda in your wash, before you put the clothes in and they will stay fresh til you get them in the dryer, but that may just be me… i don’t know i’m not too great on that lately


I am really sorry to hear about that. Im hear to talk if you need to. All I can say is try to be strong for your mom. SHE WILL NEED YOU NOW! Help as much as possible without complaining about it. If you need me for anything, let me know.


man, cancer == teh :gay ness


Not to sound like a jackass, but I will now be getting paid $20 a week allowance as apposed to $10 if I don’t complain :smiley: Plus, I get to stay home as much as I want from school. I’ll try that baking soda thing hhayes, thanks. And thanks everyone :slight_smile:



hey dude, let me know if you need advice, I’m in HS too, you know, BTW sorry to hear


Thanks. Will do.


Yep cancers no good, my grandpa died to kindney cancer when i was in highschool

Sorry to hear sniper


hey snipe, just saw the thread, sorry to hear - but you know you have all your internet chat forum buddies for support :slight_smile:


yeah my grandfather also died of cancer but he had lymphoma. he died when i was 6 or 7.


Re: RE: Lots Of Work

So, how do I do this? Because I’ll be leaving laundry in the machine alot now. I skipped yesterday and Monday off of school for housework. I can skip as much as I want now, since I have a lot of work to do, but I need that baking soda think for keeping them fresh until I get home from school(6 hours) and can dry them.