Love and Happiness


“We human beings will never attain happiness unless we find perfect love, unless we each come across the love of our lives and thereby recover our original nature.”

This is a piece from Thomas Cahill’s “Sailing the Wine Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter” that I had underlined when reading it. I thought it was interesting and made me think back to an old relationship which was quite meaningful. Looking back when in that relationship, everything that happened between her and I, and now, I sort of understand.



I do think love is important to happiness.

Well, just companionship. I think ‘perfect love’ is unrealistic and you can hurt yourself too much looking for something perfect.

Healthy relationships arent perfect because people arent perfect.


I think you can find “perfection” in love through the connection with someone. However, when you fall deeply you set yourself up for the biggest downfall.


At this point I am pretty sure I will never have either.


Same. But after my past experience with this girl, I do not wish for anything like it again.


Love is one of the most important things in this world. If you don’t have it, then what do you have? You can have all the money in the world and be unhappy because you are without love. I am a romantic so I see love as being positive and amazing - it can have it’s downfalls of course. Falling into unrequited love etc but I promise once you find it, you’ll be happy ^-^


You all are too young to think that you’ll never find love. Keep your head up. in the mean time motivate yourself in other ways. Whether it’s school, work, etc. Ambition is a very attractive quality for both men and women. Don’t chase love, let it find you.


Not necessarily that I “can’t find love”, but more of it’s hard now to actually want to or be emotional.


Sometimes I feel like I don’t need love, sometimes I do. Sometimes I’m extremely happy, sometimes I’m very depressed.

And for absolutely no reason at all. Is there something wrong with me?


Nope. I understand what you mean. I am sort of the same way.


No, I go through episodes sometimes, though it’s been a lot better recently.

If you had asked me a month or two ago if I thought I’d ever be truly happy I probably would have said no. I was prepared to be alone for the rest of my life.

I was in pretty rough shape - anyway, these feelings don’t make you weird, they make you human.


Pretty much, how I feel now. And as time goes on, I don’t actually have a problem with it.


I was like this, but I realized that I couldn’t be happy for the rest of my days that way. Self improvement changed my mood, and there’s still so many things for me to improve about myself.

I want to be something in my current field. I’m soon getting a DC forklift certification, I plan on becoming a state building safety inspector. As I looked at it, I wanted to share that and my future with someone else. And I want to be with someone that not only wants me to further improve myself, but wants to share their aspirations with me as well.

Uh, didn’t plan on typing all that tonight, but I don’t think you really want to be alone.


Nah, I do. Especially since I am about leave for the Navy, 5 years of my life if not more, there’s no point. The stories from my recruiters alone, reinforce my feelings about this. Plus, I am not going to waste my time emotionally on something like that. Better to just focus on myself and where I want to go.


I always miss how much positivity you bring to the conversations whenever I disappear for a while.



I’d rather feel happy in myself than have difficult love.
Although obviously I value my friends and family.


Happiness does not require love. Although it would be nice.

I would be happy with my teaching salary, my future dalmation and ginger cat and a glass of wine every night with crappy TV. Love is just a bonus.


Nah, you’re human. We go through the ups and downs. I go through these roller-coasters every week. For me happiness currently relies heavily on how I feel about myself and what my purpose is in life. I try not to let others control my happiness, but that’s very hard to do.


I am sorry I am me.


I believe I have recovered my “original nature”. Maybe I am a fool, but things ahead finally look bright. For 19 years, mainly in the last 5-8 years, it has been an upward battle. He works in mysterious ways. The timing of this “recovery” gives me hope and confidence. The Navy, my conversion into the Orthodox Church, and now this “attained happiness”, they finally give me an optimistic outlook for the future. Everything that happened, it wasn’t for nothing.