Love & Trust - Copyright Baby Jai 9/9/2008

You know sometimes in your life you feel lost,
No matter the time, no matter the cost.
No where to run with no where to hide,
Why do we get in this position, help me decide.

When you need someone the most, they cant be there for you,
Questions of love and trust, nothing left to do,
Life deals you hand that CANT be altered or changed,
Feellings of distraught, left out in the cold, am I deranged?

My life is what I made it to this point, Can it get any worse?
Was it all a dream, was it always the same, Or is it a curse?
I found what I thought I lost a long time ago with my pride,
The feelings I have found, why do I have to feel this way inside?

No longer about money, its all about being happy,
Put everything else behind you and leave it there, make it snappy,
Dont waste any time for you only live once,
How long did it take you? Only a couple of months?

Well this is my farewell and this is my goodbye,
I am sorry to be the one to do this to you, all the cost of a sigh.
I have tried my best and obviously it wasnt good enough,
Thought I could have lasted, and damn it was tough.

Someone in my life, has showed me that I dont need to better myself for them,
Something so pristine, something so beautiful, we will use the reference of a gem,
No matter the cut, no matter the value,
Its not longer Ill accept it, and Ill make-do.

For my strength, for my confidence, for my own well good,
For my desire to be loved, for my desire to be understood,
Lost and confused with no trust to give or be explained,
This is my time to shine, no more time to restrained.