Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming (lucid from Latin, lux “light”) is the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming[/URL], resulting in a much clearer experience and sometimes enabling direct control over the content of the dream, a realistic world that is to some degree in the control of the dreamer.[1] The complete experience from start to finish is called a lucid dream. [URL=“”]Stephen LaBerge, a popular author and experimenter on the subject, has defined it as “dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming.”

I’ve been praticing this for about 9 months now and have had little results. However, there are still results and my dream recall has gotten amazing. Im able to remember up to 4 dreams a night. Anyone else ever been lucid while dreaming? If so, what happened?


I’ve known about LDing for some time. I’ve only attempted it on small scale (1-5 days) but it was pretty cool. I never actually got lucid, but close. Its a fascinating concept about how dreams work.

Hm, maybe I’ll get back into it sometime. I’ll let you guys know the results :smiley:

all my dreams are lucid…yet i still tend to forget them…i started that long time ago…becasue of it i havnt had a nitemare sicne i was 5

If you write down whatever you remember when you wake up. Your recall gets better. You will start remembering them in detail. Its nuts. When I sleep, I never know if I may get wisped away to an adventure in my head.

if i started logging my dreasm i fear soemone would read the log and send me to a phsyc ward

Calm down bagel…dont kill no one man! LOL

Reminds me of Vanilla Sky

lol not that kind fo crazy…just…crazy

I love it. Since I gave up drugs, it’s like there’s this dam that had been building up, and the walls just gave way.
My meory is terrible at the best of times, yet I can clearly remember the dreams I have, all of them, for days.
Sometimes they’re nightmares, sometimes I dream of my mom, sometimes I have sleep paralysis, it’s different all the time.

I just have this little problem, when I am dozing (often do that during daytime) I have such lucid dreams I wake convinved it’s true - often that I am back home, or start telling my husband that we have a pool above our house (I had a dream we were in flats, and the next floor up had a pool that had started leaking)… totally convinced, then he has to re-align me with reality again, at least it no longer scares him.

Oh, there’s also that tiny problem I have. I astral travel without wanting to, and it turns out I’m a person who travels with my body, I’ve been seen often, freaks people out totally. I have no idea how that works but anyhow…

LOL, the wonder of passwords of 30 letters, that would take years for anyone to crack. :wink:

I used to have dreams like that all the time.

I’d usually try waking myself up, which actually usually worked.

And yes, I remeber Vanilla Sky, too.

i had this dream a few years ago that was totally messed. now, ive had dreams before that i would realize was a dream and would do things like fly, or unreal stuff like that. but this dream was different… it started out on a boston type of street, waiting for a school bus, which was weird since im not in school anymore, and im smoking a butt while waiting with high school chums, at that point, right in the beginning i knew i was dreaming, but i got on the bus and took off into the city. i get off the bus to what looked like a chrome chineese city (could tell by the slanted roofs) , well, not completely chrome, but shiney. i walk into a smoke shop, theres a baseball game on tv and im thinking, holy crap, i think im dead, this is way to normal to be a dream… i would look at my watch and count the seconds, converse in my head as i would while awake, and i thought… i must be dead, im not doing anything special, and i have no sub connection link to my body. it was scared for a brief second, but then i was very happy just knowing that i had myself, and i guess thats all that i needed. im not quite sure how the dream ended, i do remember that it was unlike anything ive ever had before and since, and that i would never forget the feeling. all this made me think that maybe dreams are just a “training type” session before you reach an afterlife without a physical body, so you wont flip out when you feel yourself in all its intangableness.

Back when I was on a lott of meds for a messed up head I had them all the time. I couldnt controll what was going on around me and I didnt have any super human powers or anything but I was in controll of myself. It makes nightmares even worse when you are able to controll yourself.

I used to be able to, and I didn’t even know about Lucid Dreaming back then. I was just able to. I remember I actually realized I was in the dream and I could do whatever I want… Let’s just say that was the coolest dream ever.

I think I should try, because I would probably be able to do it since I was able before.

I had a dream last night I went to target and my bf’s truck was stolen. Decipher that pleez! LOL

I can always control my dreams, its pretty helpful. And when my dreams get out of hand I just open my eyes and Im awake.
Is that what LDing is? cuz I didnt fully understand what Boomboom said.

Yeah, some people are naturals and some have to work at it. Unfortunately im one that has to work at it.

Luke, that is deffinately LDing.

Cool. LDing is fun, last night I was Indiana Jones.

i dream alot and their are times when after i wake up to say go to bathroom that when i go back to bed i can get right back into the same dream, it doesn’t always work but it’s nice when it does , i think it’s has to do with some meds i’m takeing for pain oxy , it seems to make me dream alot.:wink: