Mach1... FINALLY


Just like the title says, Finally, MACH 1!!! Raced it…and this is how it went, we did a second gear roll, and he missed third, so I just hit the brakes and we lined them up again… another second gear roll, this time, no problems, and I beat him, I didn’t really run it into the ground to see how many cars I could put on him, I just ran till I had a good car and hit the brakes, no reason to show off. The the third time we raced, we did a second gear roll but a slower one, so I didn’t really have enough RPMS and he got a car on me, those bitches are fast down low… I started to catch up once I hit the middle of third but a curve came and we hit the brakes, so it was a good night for the both of us, real cool guy… he was scrapin gears cuz, well he said, his hydraulic pump is messed up on his clutch, so we are gonna race again next weekend and I will video tape it for yall! This time he won’t be scrapin gears, and it seemed he was babyin it a bit…


i wonder how his hydraulic stuff isnt up to snuff when he has a cable clutch…


i raced a 00 ls1 auto. fuckign destoryed it aliate can back me up. MACh1 >ls1 any day btiches.


Yup, was there, that thing had no chance.


ws6 we have low end tq cams from th navigator lol. and 3.55 one gears. I wont want to mess with me from first gear or 2nd gear roll. Isnt cars on stockish ls1’s. Dood had slp package and FRA and something esle. stockish, like me catback and intake. just handed his ass to him. if you ever in the Tri state area. ill gladdly give u a go too.


good race ws6



do they really have a cable? well, when we were cruisin, he wasn’t missin gears, just occasionally they would scrape… mine used to do that when my tranny was a little screwy, but that doesn’t happen anymore. He got a good car or maybe two on that last run, then when I hit fourth I was really startin to reel him in…


you guys do got me down low… but i gotcha up top :smiley: My race is a kinda good example… he really took off from me from that slower roll… I shoulda downshifted to first but I hate doin that, not good for my car… but on the others where I had plenty of RPM, I did get him… he prolly would have kept up more if he didn’t have a messed up clutch, whatever the heck is wrong with it… BTW, autos suck on the street… no wonder you killed it… but none the less, you killed it, same with me, I still beat the Mach :rock


hehe nice, kill :rock

Rematch vs me and him should go down tonight he might allow video if he shows.

autos dont suck on the street out of a the dig he could easily out launch me, im on my stock tires.


Come race me!!! :gears


fuck is raining tonight, no go. Honey you dont want none of me lol. What is NC? North carolina?


Nice race, can’t wait to see a vid


duhh!! lol :lol


Ok, enough of the ego… :fu I was just looking for a friendly race. Yes, its North Carolina.


Dude in the Mach must not know how to drive.





i aint got no huge ego. I just speak the truth, either you like it or not!


I have to say this SOrry Demon >>>>> but a good driver and a good Mach 1 can BEAT a WS6 any day every one knows that is a fact :o :o :o


WTF people. Its a freakin driver’s race. Of course, he beat me from the slower roll. I beat him from the higher roll. I fucking won. I knew I shouldn’t have posted this. I knew I wouldn’t get any fucking credit. Ever think maybe he is an ok driver and I just fucking rock? You damn people automatically think he couldn’t drive specially since he was beaten by a girl. Fucking eat it bitches, I won, end of story. Atleast he can take it instead of whining about, well if this had happened and if I hadn’t missed third, and it this and if that. :wtf This is so fucking :gay


Tell people on LS1tech that… they’ve got plenty of kill stories to prove you wrong.


Thanks Saleen. I will most likely have a camera this weekend unless it rains. :dunno