Mah production is mad crazy!


So at my job all I do is pick books in a warehouse that then get packed and sent to the customer.

A grade 3 picker needs to do 1032 lines in an 8 hour shift, or at the least 129 lines per hour.

Today I only worked 5 hours and 45 minutes and grabbed myself 1114 lines.

Meaning I did 193.7 lines per hour. Before I was doing 125-131 lines, until I got my review when my boss said more lines = more money. So I went for it.

Now I’m just tearing through the lines and I should be getting my grade 3 pay within the month.

Two raises in a month and a half, something my broke ass needs a lot.





rock on, i need a job where i can make as much money as the hours i put in. so if i need more mulah i can just work and extra 10 hours or so.


Pick books? Lines? I don’t get it. But it sounds like your doing good, so that’s all that matters. thumbs up


Re: RE: mah production is mad crazy!

:agree … confused, but keep whatever it is youre doing up… :banana


lol ok…

When I go into work I get paperwork. the paperwork is like a spreadsheet which goes in chronological order from aisle 400 to aisle 810.

Say the first few lines of my order are like this:

400-12-4, quantity, book name, ISBN
401-24-5, quantity, book name, ISBN

Each line will be one or more books that I’d need to pick.

I can have upwards of 13-20 orders, which could have 42 lines on each page.

All I need is 1032 lines in an 8 hour shift to make production for sure.

Today I did 922 lines in 6.5 hours, so I pulled 141.8 lines an hour. 12 lines per hour more than I need. :rock


Ahhh, I see.


So basically you do lines at work all day long? :dunno


Re: RE: mah production is mad crazy!

haha i knew someone would put it like that.

Yes, yes I do. We joke about that all the time. :smiley: