Making space for my Nitto's (burnout vids)


a couple clips wasting my goodyear’s. I havent had a chance to edit the video’s yet, so its just raw footage. Enjoy

Some incar footage…

A couple pictures of what I left after the first one


looks like you had alot of fun…

downloading vid now…

dayum… that looked like it was fun.



prolly not, but looked like to me that you power braked it for the wheel spin…

:gears :gears :banana :smiley: :rock


Nice deal mang…i did same thing to the parking lot at the gym i go to lol


Re: RE: Making space for my Nitto’s (burnout vids)


prolly not, but looked like to me that you power braked it for the wheel spin…

:gears :gears :banana :smiley: :rock[/quote]

5 spd, second gear burn out


haha I knew this thread looked familiar. lol 5 months later…

Still cool.


yeah, i was digging through the videos and i thought i’d watch it for old times… i wish i needed new tires again


I’m in need of all seasons… high performance summer tires are iffy as hell on teh ice.


tell me about it, i backed my car out of the garage to let it run for a bit and i nearly got stuck


i surprisingly haven’t gotten stuck this winter.

The other week it snowed, got plowed, then it rained, then it froze, then it snowed again, it all thawed and then snowed AGAIN.

Last week I was on my way home and noticed my car was slightly swerving back and forth on the road. One tire would hit ice and the car would pull that way, then the other tire would hit ice and it’d pull back.

real quick, almost scary motions back and forth. It’s disheartening on a two lane road.


hey OUZ werent yo in the process of sell your stang a while back.


yeah, i didn’t try to hard. it’s still for sale, but i’m going to wait till spring to advertise it