Man bites off tip of own penis


[SIZE=4]Source: MSNBC[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]updated 6:18 a.m. ET April 17, 2009 [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]A convicted sex offender from Brooklyn took a bite out of crime and a bite out of himself too, police said.

Damiene Iriarte was found naked and bleeding behind a building in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn after having bitten the tip off his own penis, police told a local newspaper.

It goes without saying that he was subsequently hospitalized.

“How he did it? Limber, I guess. Not the work of a sane mind,” a police official told The Daily News.

You think?

Iriarte, 26, pleaded guilty in Suffolk County in 2004 to two misdemeanors after being accused the previous year of raping a 13-year-old girl, according to the News.

It’s not clear why Iriarte bit his own penis, but investigators might be just as confused – or impressed – that he did it at all.

He’s recovering at Brooklyn Hospital Center, representatives of which have not returned calls seeking comment.[/SIZE]


Ummmmm… okay…


if he could get his own penis in his mouth… y did he ever leave the house!!!




I think if I had a penis, and could put it in my mouth, I still wouldn’t. And if I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t be biting it!


I’m with HTC on this one. Holy jeez though…that had to hurt.


must have ‘been’ a big lad to do that


I think he practices yoga and aerobics and can bend easily to reach it. I tried just now but couldnt reach mine


:eek what the hell


Let’s face it, all of us here with cocks tried it after we read that, don’t lie now…




He could bend it like David Beckham instead of soccer ball, its his balls