Man Shoots Wife the Day She Files for Divorce


In custody is 51-year-old Tony Johnson. Police say he shot his wife, 52-year-old Mary Johnson in the stomach. It happened just after six p.m. Friday night at 8320 W. 34th Street. The husband told police the shooting was an accident, but a witness heard the suspect say he would kill his wife, if she ever filed for divorce. The victim told police she had filed for divorce on Friday. Mr. Johnson was arrested for criminal attempt to commit capital murder, and for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Mary Johnson is in stable condition at a local hospital.
[FONT=Arial]Man Shoots Wife the Day She Files for Divorce[/FONT]

divorces suck

At least he didn’t go shoot 30 other people too…

I guess he only believed in till death do us part