Many faces of Meth


Beware, these pics are quite gross looking


i got off to it



I dont see anything??? :dunno


Re: RE: Many faces of Meth

me either…


oK, try it again. It should work now.


i wonder why their faces slant down on the left side?


Whats up with all the sores??? Aids??


I was wondering the same thing. Why in the world do they have all those sores all over their faces! Nasty! :barf


The sores are b/c after long term use, the meth starts to crystalize under the skin and it itches. Meth heads cant be still and once they start messing with something, they cant quit. So, once the meth starts to crystalize and starts itching, the meth head starts scratching and wont stop.


Re: RE: Many faces of Meth

Yep, they’re always picking at themselves.


I can usually tell a meth addict b/c of the way they are always chewing on thier lips and gritting the teeth they have left.