Many years ago

when i was in my very early 20’s…i still lived at home

well we had this scruffy biker couple move in next door…and the 2 daughters…the oldest at about 8 wasn’t his but the younger one was…they disgusted me…they knicknamed the oldest one ‘pissflaps’…and yes,he did do time for kiddie fiddling with her

well one day we heard screaming coming from the house,with it being summer the doors were open,well my older psycho sister went round to see what was going on…the bitch was only threatening the oldest with an electric carving knife…well my sister went all WWF on the bitch…when the police came there was hair and blood all over the door frame…it was duly reported to social services who did jack shit

another day one of my other sisters went down the shop,well this bitch was around the corner at her mates…well on the way back my sister who was about 12 at the time had to endure a torrent of abuse,slag,whore and all that,well obviously she was crying when she got home…well my other sister who was 8 months pregnant at the time waited for the bitch…well she was walking down the side entry and got jumped,i swear it was carnage…my sister lost it big time…we actually had to hose the entry down

another time it was early one frosty saturday morning and my mum heard crying out he back…well the bitch had only locked the girls in the garden and went back to bed…my mum had to get them in and put the heating on full…they were literally blue with cold

ok…just thought i’d share

And they never got the kids taken away? Wow fucking sick people in this world. I’d stomp a couple faces in if I ever have to deal with someone like that.

There’s some weirdos around.