Are Marines just self centered people who manipulate women and drink too much beer?



Oh, and they shoot ppl too.


I think Marines work for the US Government, but I’m not 100% sure.

Might wanna google it.



America, FUCK YEAH!!!


Why do you ask? :dunno
Are you thinking of joining or something?


He is one


So why did he ask? Is he just letting us know that is how he is? Im confused :dunno


If you look under the Sports section in the Bears thread, where he was posting from another name before ebing banned, you’ll quickly realize he is an immature asshole with too much time on his hands.


:o :owned


Ummm I dunno. But the army lies to people. Yup.

Well, ok they lie to Pete all the time. I dunno about everyone else tho.


I was trying to find a general opinion of us dt3 - thanks for giving it away.


Hell, I don’t care what other people think. Stereotyping is wrong.


Jarheads are bold headed chick :hump alchoholics :booze and we stick together :smiley: :rock


As a Former Marine - I agree with dt3 stereotyping is wrong. what was his name on the other post? He’s wasn’t messing with the Bears was he?



He was talking shit about my Jags. I think admin deleted his posts, but it was dumb.