Marshall Tucker Band concert in Augusta, GA


Marshall Tucker Band concert in Augusta, GA
May 7, 2005

heres what happened in chronology to my best remembrance:

We start by driving to downtown
this ninja bike pulls up beside us and for fun, we go. got my ass kicked
first redlight- side by side with him- he lifts helmet (piercings galore) and while i said- what bike and stats… he said, “I dont think so! (in a gay voice”
light turns, we go, and he dumps clutch and stalls… laughing ass off at this point!!

now we cruise downtown for a while

then we park to go to concert at augusta commons (outdoors kickass field)

we are standing side stage and this random dude comes up screaming “I NEED A COP!” he yells this til a cop comes up and asks whats the problem… the fellow says “This random guy is peeing on my wife’s foot!” the cop enters the crowd and we get an “escort” to front row center

here, college girls are standing around and talking to us between songs and we laugh at hippie dances… then by the song “cant you see” the crowd is freaking crazy with moshpits and passing people around (one dude got dropped and pushed around) well a college girl is like, help me take my bra off!!! and im like “HELL YEA!!” and she gets it off and bra gets tossed on stage.

guitarist throw bra back ino crowd where a teen guy puts it in his pocket

then the singer said “you southerners freak me out. i bet thats your sisters bra!” the whole crowd laughs at him

o man, concerts kick some major ass for sure.


who the fuck is the Marshall Tucker band???


kickass southern rock form the 70s and only one original member is left- he is 50yrs old, but the band kicks ass.

good songs are:

cant you see
take a load off annie
ghost riders in the sky
fire on a mountain…

great southern rock. kinda like lynyrd skynyrd

btw- it is the only band with a flute and piano player that is badass IMO.

download a few of those songs if ya wnat and tell me if ya like them.


Ive heard of them before. I didnt know they came to ga!!


yea they came to an outside field type place in downtown augusta about 15 minutes from my house in the suburbs. the show was awesome. me and 98mustang were there and it was packed.


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southern rock, badass, songs listed ^^^^… im surprised yall have never heard of them.


hahaha. I seen them in concert at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta a few years ago. It was great seeing all the drunken rednecks standing about, bouncing and swaying to the music while slamming back cold ones. They are pretty kick ass though. The band, that is, not the drunkards.