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Ok I realise some people argue using baseless points and generalisations but should they be banned for it? I thought this was a forum for debate in all its forms, including political incorrect. I don’t need another censored echochamber I have Facebook for that. @lake @Frankie @Martina Can I please have some justification?

Ok there has been a response from the leadership who have explained although not completely justified given the situation specifically :[quote=“Frankie, post:52, topic:111988”]
Martina was banned for constant insults, whether direct or indirect, suspected trolling and shit posting. Martina was warned several times, as well as a formal warming that they would be banned if their behaviour continued.

There were several discussions about Martina among the staff team, although the decision to ban them was taken by myself.

Martina will stay banned, although I will reduce the length down to one month. If they choose to return and continue to break site rules, further action will be take
As we can see Martina has been banned for a month. In their absence is it a good idea to discuss whether they should be allowed to return after that point? Do they add to debate or do they purely troll? If they add nothing and poison the community should they be allowed to return? Please don’t vote on whether you are politically aligned to Martina just their relative ability to improve debate.

  • Yes - any punishment for Martina or others should be temporary
  • No - Martina was purely toxic and did not add anything constructive
  • Regardless Martina should not have been banned and should be reinstated immediately
  • Literally don’t care either way

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People should be free to say what they want here - if someone disagrees with it that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I don’t know what’s going on, but, though Martina never really elaborates (it does seem she is bad at debating) but that is no reason to ban them.

I mean, as long as they’re not really hurting somebody’s feelings I think it’s okay. It’d be good to keep it somewhat civil here.

By the way, if someone does start being a dick I think it’s okay to get dickish back with them. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…but never start a fight.


I don’t support Martina’s banning and it was done without any communication to us. (Me @Scott and @Doctapper)


If it is found she was banned without due process and justification can any or all of you as moderators reinstate her?


I honestly don’t care. Her(?) posts were shit and incoherent, and she hardly actually engaged in debate.

Nothing of value was really lost.


Careful buddy, if they start going after all the awful members you could be next!


>implying I care


Maybe if you don’t care about this place, you could leave?

Just a suggestion.


not what i said



you inferred you wouldn’t care if you were banned.


yeah, but that’s the same as:


I think you meant not the same as?

Anyways, if you don’t care about being banned from this place, then obviously this place didn’t mean much to you to begin with.


i care enough to post

i’ve been banned from enough places to the point that the prospect of it isn’t much of a worry


@Chrome @Gall_Ghaedheil @Akhilleus It’s not about caring about the value of @Martina’s input its caring about the precedent of censoring ideas that don’t conform without justification or due process. I want to know why she was banned, surely a reasonable question @Frankie?


I’m trying.

It was definitely without due process.


where’s our community rep at?



I’m not sure whether @Frankie did this or not, but it’s one of the few times I have to applaud her if she did. [quote=“Chrome, post:5, topic:111988, full:true”]
I honestly don’t care. Her(?) posts were shit and incoherent, and she hardly actually engaged in debate.

Nothing of value was really lost.

Basically this.


> gets vote to go his way
> leaves

Nigel Farage, is that you?


When you permaban a top 5% poster… Now I’m curious as to what rule was violated


Don’t worry, this will all go away like the survey Waller tried to post