Martina/ Censorship


Except the person who did this is alone on this one.


The forum goes absolute apeshit quite quickly, doesn’t it?

Regardless, they weren’t a good part of the community anyway. Never actually engaging into a topic and always insulting anyone they didn’t like. I have personally flagged 3 or 4 of their posts before.

I have had conversations with neonazis who weren’t quite as dense.


Most these days are actually quite intellectual in nature, ever since /pol.

Before, it was just a dumb, darwinistic thing to be.




it still is


Hitlerite variety yes, I agree. Though I once admired him, he was wrong for killing the Jews, because they are a people of the book…they should be protected from such fates.

That isn’t to say Hitler wasn’t right about a lot of shit.


This shouldn’t have been news to you

So all us atheists must die?






How you think this is at all comparable is beyond me.



Could you elaborate?


No, not must die, but…you have no souls. I cannot say I would weep for you if you die, you are like animals, and as you know I have made this comparison before. Without Allah in your heart you have no soul. You are just…flesh and bone. Means nothing on it’s own. You have little worth without Islam.

So, my opinion on Atheists is quite negative, I guess you could say…but it is nothing personal. I also think many will find Islam eventually and Atheism is merely an infantile state, you will grow out of it if you are intelligent enough.


The vote for Waller was to start his job.
The vote was for Farage to finish his.


oh, so then what is there to worry about then?

and so are you. and so is every other person who has ever been or ever could have been.

>implying spiritual worth is all a person has

you are aware that atheism is the fastest growing “religion” in the West, right?

Oh, so you’re saying it has even more room to grow and explore the problems with religion?

“I’ll patronize the shit out of them, that’s what allah wants me to do”


Jesus Christ

I am 94% sure that over the course of history, more people have gone from Islam -> Atheism than the other way round, meaning that as time has gone by, atheism has become more dominant.

The more time that goes by, the less infantile you are, so atheism is less “infantile.”


Prove it.


Hear hear


“Body am I entirely, and nothing more; and soul is only the name of something in the body.”[quote=“Gall_Ghaedheil, post:30, topic:111988”]
Means nothing on it’s own.

The overman does not need a soul in order to create and live by his own values.


here here want to say a huge thank you to frankie for doing this. Martina constantly used political insults and used words which where inappropriate (very often). The staff team never did anything about any of her insults (so thanks frankie for dealing with it :slight_smile:


stfu u cardie wearing lib leftie


lol :smiley: you liberal traitor :smiley:


If there is a ban do be dealt out it should be done so with due process, out of principles, but if @Frankie did decide to become a tankie today this kulak definitely deserved it.