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@Frankie dindu nuffin


I see many people seem to be ok with the fact @Martina was banned. While I disagreed with both the opinions voiced and the methods I do not see that as a justification. There should have been a discussion between the staff/moderators/community rep, not the unilateral action of one staff member.

@Frankie can you please confirm whether you discussed this decision with others on this forum with responsibility?

Can you also confirm that you banned Martina for a concrete breach of rules rather than just because something she said about the supporters of a certain UK political party upset you?

Finally can you confirm that you have also banned all other members that have broken the same rule that you banned Martina for breaking?


I can confirm that no discussion whatsoever was had. I woke up this morning to a message for the mods saying “Martina is banned”.


Can the Mods reinstate Martina until that discussion is had and a group decision agreed?


Well considering most of the staff team thinks the word “retard” is ok to be used I think all the insults martina have made will be fine to them. Frankie is boss she has the permission to do this m8.


Frankie over-rules us.


Talk about trying to take a dig into the staff team. For everyone’s information, this comment is a very distorted view of the post that he is referring to. It was not in the context of an insult.

We’ve discussed this many times, yet Rinveron repeats the same line.


If that punishment was applied consistently across the political spectrum on here there would be few people left. I have witnessed most left/liberals skewering Gall_Ghaedheil for their views in a rude manner also. I have been shredded by Labour types using a series of expletive when I stood out against those policies. A rule should either be there for all or none.

She might have the technical permission, does she have the right or the justification though?


yes I do repeat the same line because every single staff member (bar me and frankie-who was no online at the time) said the word “retard” was fine to use when its replying to something. So he was right it was not a direct insult (apart form when it was used as a insult to politicians) but was used to describe actions or policies of people/politicians.

Hence why I resigned it allows me to voice my opinion more rather than being shouted down by the whole staff team

Depends who you ask. Ask me yes (perhaps not for 30+ years) but at least a long suspension for use of language martina used.


Retarded is not an insult when it describes certain policies, it is simply a description? Calling a person a retard without evidence is obviously an insult and should not be done. Describing a set of policies as such is hardly an issue.

Exactly it depends who you ask. In this case it appears no one else was asked. I would have no issue if someone was banned after a discussion between the mods and community rep etc and they decided to proceed in that manner. That was not the case hence my belief Martina should be reinstated. If @Frankie then starts that discussion with mods and community rep and the same conclusion is reached so be it.


>problems with ‘ableist’ slurs

Goddammit, I feel like in r/Socialism all over again.


Martina was banned for constant insults, whether direct or indirect, suspected trolling and shit posting. Martina was warned several times, as well as a formal warming that they would be banned if their behaviour continued.

There were several discussions about Martina among the staff team, although the decision to ban them was taken by myself.

Martina will stay banned, although I will reduce the length down to one month. If they choose to return and continue to break site rules, further action will be taken.


Once again we have another issue with bans and site rules. Haven’t had one in awhile so it’s about damn time we go at it again.


Again its a matter of opinion. I argue if u say something is “retarded” then it links back to mental illness saying that someone with the mental illness came up with it or the policy is stupid (like a mental health issue)

Don’t think u get it. I and a few others namely @Underscore where openly accused of bullying by members of the staff team and blankly they protect martina no matter what (like its illegal to defend your self when martina calls you a “traitor” which is also fine). The staff team don’t deal with these issues as they are more interested about their own reputation rather than agreeing with their boss (as you can see by lake and scott saying in their first post how they disagreed in this). They put popularity before the rules…

Community rep has no say in them matters.


Thankyou for responding. Can you now please engage in a discussion with the staff team as to whether Martina should remain banned for that month, and relay the endpoint of that discussion with us the members so we are kept informed.


I can’t quote on mobile, but let’s go through this.

“Staff won’t ban Martina because they agree with them politically”

If you were to go through every interaction I’ve had with Martina, you’d see that we disagree massively on every issue that we’ve ever spoken about.

“We care more about reputation than agreeing with their boss”

Uh, you must be blind, mate. I can’t talk for @lake but my “reputation” is both in tatters with the community, and not my concern.


So every single time frankie does something u always go against her and side with the community ? so much for collective responsibility? [quote=“Scott, post:56, topic:111988”]
If you were to go through every interaction I’ve had with Martina, you’d see that we disagree massively on every issue that we’ve ever spoken about.

I never mentioned names for that point :slight_smile:

  1. I side with the group that i agree with, on a case by case basis. Reputation/being a fellow staff member doesn’t mean shit. If I disagree with a staff decision I will voice my displeasure about It, because I’m not spineless.

  2. You said “Staff”. I am part of staff.


never said u had to be spineless to support your boss :smiley:

 2. I retract that statement about all the staff :)


This is a joke right? Revolutionary socialist agrees with isolationist, nationalist anti-immigrant capitalist?

Mfw ive been the community punching bag ever since I joined the staff team

That’s not what we’re talking about…