Martina/ Censorship


No, that’s just me saying that if you unquestioningly follow your boss in any thing you do, you’re a spineless person. Leaders aren’t there to be followed blindly, in any aspect of life.


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no idea what happened with that post XD [quote=“Scott, post:61, topic:111988”]
Leaders aren’t there to be followed blindly, in any aspect of life.
I agree with that, but u should speak with your boss before public ranting (like ive done with what I’m ranting about now)[quote=“lake, post:60, topic:111988”]
That’s not what we’re talking about…

I was replying to josho who was talking about the rep having a say in martina and his suspension. [quote=“lake, post:60, topic:111988”]
Mfw ive been the community punching bag ever since I joined the staff team



It’s his job to gather how the majority of the community feel about the decision, and he’s not here to do that.


that’s what I said -tho I forgot he hardly logs in now(first post but josh was about reinstating martina). [quote=“josho, post:50, topic:111988”]
then starts that discussion with mods and community rep and the same conclusion is reached so be it.

I responded saying that’s not the reps job to sit in a meeting and decide on that matter.


Let’s be honest Frankie is the punching bag


Ok I have updated the original question to include the response from Frankie. Given the feedback on this topic I feel like any discussion surrounding the situation is unlikely to be had between the staff, including the community rep.

A short ban could be an acceptable punishment, if not for anything posted by Martina yesterday, for their general behaviour, trolling etc. The question now I guess is more the future of Martina and people who use their tactics on this platform. I have included a poll in the original question regarding that question and would appreciate if people could go back and respond.


josho m8 the community rep is not very active any more (and its the no reps job to decide martina’s fate as lake said its to show the staff the forums wishes


I think I can speak for the staff team when I say none of us side with Martina politically. We deal with all issues that arise on a case by case business working to a solution that works best for the community in line with the rules - not for political point scoring and certainly not to look good in the community. If you feel you’re being unfairly treated by staff, feel free to send any or all of us a message - we’d be more than happy to help.

If anyone wants to view the rules we go by, please click on the link below. All decisions we make, are in line with these rules.


So get a new one? and that is exactly what I’m suggesting, the community rep should be part of the discussion even if they don’t have a vote in the final outcome.


your more than welcome to initiate a vote if you want (talk to a staff members about it cos I cant rem how it all works :slight_smile:


I should talk to my boss?

You mean how like she spoke to the rest of the mod team before it happened?

oh, wait…


don’t want to drag this out scott but she is the boss (and last time I checked bosses have power over the workers). End of discussion tho cos we both know it wont get us anywhere :slight_smile:


Of course, for the left, it is actually a crime to support the Tories, DUP, UKIP, BNP etc…

so much for democracy huh…