May I have your attention please!


:smiley: Guess what!! I have a new forum up that Joe has helped me with (tremendously). You guys outta come join and put in your 2 cents on some of the topics.
The forum is It still has a few things left undone, has far as getting the logo finished but I think you guys might enjoy it. So what are ya waitin’ on? Get your hinies over there and join! :smiley:


Thanks Guys! A couple of people have joined already! Yall are awesome!


ok, I gotta admit. Im impressed! The site has only been up for 1 day and there is 10 members already! Thats impressive to me!! :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana


yay fo you :banana hahahah


She signed up in ten differant names :rofl




Re: RE: May I have your attention please!

:fu You are just soooo darn cute! :rofl


fuckin politics gives me headache. all they do is point out each others negatives and shit. them politicians need to get it in their old, spider webbed minds that we are human and not perfect and that everyone makes mistakes.


okay, i get your drift. All ya had to say is that your not interested or good luck. Geesh!


im not big on politics either, so, i more than likely wont join, but best of luck with it. if Joe helped you with it, im sure its pretty good.


Thank ya, kind sir! :smiley:


Re: RE: May I have your attention please!

did i not say i wasnt interested? lol

anywho, good luck with it :smiley:


Sorry. I was having a REALLY bad day yesterday. One of the most worse days I have ever had. I didnt mean for that to sound like that. The school lost my 7 yr old daughter, I had a really bad allergic reaction that drove me to tears! I had never had one of those before, and, I can say that I feel soooo sorry for anyone whos ever had an allergic reaction before.