Maybe a different daily driver


My father works for Audi thats how i rock a ragtop 04 a4 1.8T (2door) you prolly seen the pictures. But of my childhood dream cars has been just traded in this weekend, (i was stupid then.) a 2002 Audi (b5) S4. Its a 3600lbs (yes heavy) Quattro(awd) v6 biturbo (no the turbo isnt bi there is two lol) 6 speed, Leather sexy luxury interior and etc.

The car is heavly modded, prolly the limit you can do on one of these, (audi mods are espensive, so premod should be nice) It has two k04 turbo swaps, all the fuel upgrades, boost controll, bov, chip, and etc and etc. It needs new rims though due to damage.

My dad is checking out it for me tomm (monday) To make sure its all running good and etc. It ill go through all the dealership paper work andi nspection and all that bull first. But it should have a 100,000mile (limited warrenty) prolly not anymore because of the turbos lol and not sure what esle.

I havent seen any audi car forums really, but from what i heard a good driver can put the car into 11s. With those mods.

It will be faster then my mach1 :spaz: But it would be a sweet daily driver. If the car is a all good, thing i should spend the money on it, or keep the newer audi, save money and mod the mach1, who cares of if the a4 is slow its a 2 door convertable, (that car is a pussy magnetic)

Sorry for the long post. Here is a picture of one, not the one at the dealership but so you get an idea. Its the german edition, plate bumper is big…


I think it would be a good idea to get the Audi. It sounds awesome, and I really like Audis anyway. They have a unique look, which I love. You should get this. Think about it, the Mach1 already hauls balls, so you don’t exactly NEED to mod it right at the moment. However this is a great oppurtunity to get a really nice car, which will haul even more balls.


audi fo sho nicka what? :banana get the modded one, do it…do it :rock


Audi’s are nice looking. I wish you luck in what you decide. :slight_smile: Just remember a car that runs in the 11’s need to get some work done to them (tuning, expensive gas, ect)


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Thats the reason why im considering it. Because already has the turbo swap and etc. But you know its prolly beat and abused to hell… :dunno and i dont care paying 93 octane in the mach1, but another highoctane for a daily driver… hrm… IF the car is what as good as this looks like, imma have to rest drive it first… :dunno i dont want no bee can even though its a v6


the PERFECT daily driver to me and a low economy car that has alot of milage on a gallon of gas. Joe wants to get a old honda as his daily driver…


i bet, im switching back to my 98 cause it gets at least 20 and my 89, well, im lucky to get 15 mpg’s.


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That’s what I would do. Get something that gets like 35-40 MPG. When I get a bike this summer it will be nice to have a quick ride that gets 60-70 MPG. Gas prices suck.


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Honda or Toyota…hell’a machines! Either one runs FOREVER!!! We used to have a Toyota that had over 350k miles on it when we retired it and all it really needed was a gear box. I also just gave an Acura to my sister. It has the Honda motor in it. She called me to tell me she just crossed 200k miles and her mechanic told her its got another 100k left!

Any they were both VERY economical cars!


I like TT’s I dorve my buddies and it was fast/great handling


Goddamn that’s a sick fuckin car.

Aren’t those like 40-50 grand new?


I know its in the high 30s


The sweet thing is you can buy S4s on GT4 too. 55k


Just keep what you got and mod that F’in Mach.

My boy, you’re letting me down


I recomend you decide BEFORE the test drive. If you go test drive an 11 second car, it’s going to make your mind up for you. :rock