Maybe back, but not sure


Hello everyone! If you don’t know me cause you’re a young one but I was around in 2014-2015 and took a long hiatus because I got really burnt out. I found I really was only here for RP, but trust me I’m probably joining back into that scene. If anyone from back there is still here, please come out of the woodworks or tell me where others have gone I really miss you guys.

I guess to preface things with where I was first to where I am now.

So I used to be a pretty hardcore centrist, mostly because I was sucked into the stupid skepto-verse with people like Sargon and Armored Skeptic who make a living out of mimicking far right talking points and claiming to be left leaning. I hadn’t really thought for myself and when I did it was pretty stupid (a la oligarchal meritocracy). Generally very bad about feminism and shit like that. Now though, I’ve gone farther left into your standard leftie snowflake I guess. Still not sold on communism but I’m at Social Democracy so who knows. Just let me post a little more often and you’ll see where I want to go on this forum.

Now more personal stuff. I’ve gone from binary transwoman to nonbinary and now that I’m 18 I’m planning on getting some stuff to help transition. Pronouns don’t matter, use whatever the hell you want but I’ve been referred to mostly in this space as she/her so consistency may dictate that. I’m planning on majoring in musical theatre with a minor in either philosophy or psychology for a backup in case I wanna go really into transitioning because the musical theatre industry is very binary unfortunately. I’m actually currently playing Jack Kelly in Newsies so I’m really excited about that! That’s really anything I find relevant to get back into things here but feel free to ask questions, maybe give me some pointers on how the UI has changed here over the last 4 years. I won’t be too much of a frequent poster but I’m looking of some stimulating conversation on politics so if you want to engage with me I’m more than happy to get back to you on my own time.

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk!


Yo yo, it’s Logan Linseisen/RedDragon81


Hey! It’s glad to see someone familiar around here. I looked at the recent posts and saw it was weird religious gotcha posts that didn’t seem to make much sense.