McDonalds Food

I work at McDonalds, and I can honestly tell you that all those shitty rumors are completely untrue.

It really annoys me when people say that ALL teenagers do shit to food.

I work and I work hard, as do all the other employees there.

I’m usually on the line which means I make all the burgers and stuff, and the worst thing I have EVER done, is accidentally drop a patty on the bench when I went to put it on the burger.

Even then, that’s not bad. Our benches are squeaky clean and only food has ever touched them. Food that is on the burger anyway.

Oh and for the record, there is always a manager out front and back, so you’re being watched anyway.

And the food is made out of exactly what McDonalds say it is, so I don’t know where people got all that crazy shit.

Either you havent been there very long and are still a newbie or your branch has recently had a health and safety inspection lol

oh the 1st job! how u love it soo… untill u been there for 6 months and realise that u really don’t like ppl! mutter mutter

i still wouldn’t eat macdonalds

Or you just have no clue what you’re talking about.

It’s not my first job and I’ve been there way longer than 6months. I never said I loved it, so I don’t see what that has to do with anything, I’m just saying I hate sweeping generalizations. It’s like 2% of teenagers that defile food, and makes sourpuss old adults think that we all do it.

That’s your choice.

yep…its my choice laddie(<<<scottish term for pinky)…whenever i’ve had burgers from there they always seem to be tough and dry in a limp batch


i have honestly never said laddie in my life!

well the scottish bloke on the simpsons does

hahaha he does indeed… actully my old geography teacher used to say it… when a buy was swingin on his chair he went up to him and shouted " what ya doin LADDIE? are you training for the grand national LADDIE?" i think a bit of pee came out when i laughed soo hard

McDonalds… the Roto Rooter of the fast food world. If you want to clean your plumbing that’s the stuff that will get the job done.

Matters not where the patty goes/begins. It’s not food anyway. Just a whole shite load of chemicals and preservatives on a bun.

…i have a teeshirt that says Mac shits on it… just thught i’d add that…not really important…so…

Well, I am not a fan of thier food, but in junior high I worked there too, and 17 years later doing all sorts of “manly” work, MacDonalds is one of the more tiring jobs I have ever had. Those guys do bust their ass for a thankless job and per usual a few bad apples ruin it for eveyone

White Castle is faster.

Just because it isn’t happening at your location, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. I worked at McDonalds for several years, both Corp and Franchisee Stores, and I can tell you that while the occurances of the crazy stuff aren’t like the rumors say they are, they still do happen. And as far as having two managers around at “all times”, Im inclined to say that this statement was dead on the head:

At our location we had lots of managers around for the rushes… every other time (including the night crew) you were lucky to have one swing or assistant manager on the floor. Usually you only had the one in the building and most of the time they were in the office going over their reports and their functions… leaving 3 teenagers to run the place.

It’s a fast food / chain food service industry standard, most are good people who want a wage and do an adequate job, but there are hooligans out there that do take it upon themselves to be food service terrorists.

Has anyone ever watched the movie Waiting? I used to work in a restaurant and it’s pretty accurate. Not all the way, but yeah…eating out = bad idea.

I wont eat from there either lol just think of all that shit food running through your body! i mean wheres the quakity carbs and proteins!!!

Oh and one for the scottish in here what does mucca mean? (i spelt how its said i believe)

I rarely eat MCdonalds and I don’t care for their burgers.

Now seeing the title of this thread is making me want some McDonalds. dangit!