Me vs Stingray


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Stangpower was driving the car. I was drunk in the passenger seat, and another buddy was drunk in the back…but I no longer have a backseat, so he was sitting on the floor. It was teh winnar!

That Vette sounds like it eats small children. Nice guy driving it too.

My car sounds mean on nitrous.


Your car kicks ass 98. But in all honesty, my V6 could beat that vette, LOL J/K. Was it a late 70’s? Jooz guys sound like good ol boyz. :rock


Haha! Thanks HRnB.

Yea, it’s a '77 I think. He told us the car went 8.70’s in the 1/8 last time out on a 2.1 short time. So we’re figuring it for a low to mid 13 second car. It runs pretty good.


:gears :gears :gears :lol :lol :lol :lol

you smoked him


:smiley: I was just saying that because those old L-82’s only had around 210 Hp’s and the L-48’s were even less then 200 HP’s, I can’t remember exactly. But the tq was in the mid to high 200’s if I remember right.


:lol love the car though


Vette’s are fun to race. Even the old school ones that you know are slow still hold some sort of intimidation factor over you. I raced an LT1 Vette a few months ago, and even though I knew better, I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was going to stomp me. :dunno


Just be wary of the vettes that have a built 427 or something like that. Nice runs against that stingray though. Couldn’t even hear his car over the LS1. :owned


Thanks guys!


Good race!! :banana

You handed that guy his ASS.