I made meatloaf tonight so I figured I’d show how I made it. This turned out so freaking mouth watering and tasty! mmmmmmmmm

Now keep in mind I don’t measure when I cook…no need for me anyways. The items needed are in the picture.
I am only using one pound of hamburger as I don’t need much for our family of 3.
So 1 lb hamburger
1 Egg
Garlic and onion croutons
Onion (I only used about 1/2 of it.
Saltine crackers
Brown Sugar

Take everything except the ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar and mix it together in a bowl. Make sure your hands are clean because the best way to mix it is with your hands.

After you have that mixed well put it into a pan and shape it however you’d like. I just do the typical loaf style.

Now mix the Ketchp, Mustard, and Brown sugar into a bowl and then spread onto the hamburger.

Toss it into the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour…or until meat is cooked to your specifications.
This is a picture of it out of the oven and about to go to the plates.

Add the sides of your choice and your good to go!

I know mashed potatoes go great with meatloaf, but I didn’t want to make mashed potatoes. So I made baked with sour cream, shredded cheese, and onions. MMMMM

Final product.

wha??? no beer?

shakes fist in air Damn you girl! Now I’m hungry.

runs off to fire up the grill

BTW, that’s how I make my meatloaf. Looks VERY tasty.

BTW, my boy absolutely loves green beans. He would eat a whole meal of them if we let him. :smiley:

To mix in it? No need.

no…to drink ya silly wabbit!!!


[quote=“pjbleek, post: 1101737”]no…to drink ya silly wabbit!!!


:24: EWW no way. I never drink beer with food. YUCK! I can barely eat within a few hours of drinking.

OMG You and my hubby would get along just fine.:thumbup

He wont soil the taste of a good beer with food either, and says the food just takes up good drinking space

Mmmmm, meatloaf…Now I want some.

Dominic is like that too. And with peas. And lima beans. And corn. Honestly, I’d think he’d eat his highchair if I let him.

oh i never had meatloaf before, it really is an american thing, but I think I will try that it looks yummy, and I reckon my boys would like it too