Medical Marijuana


Should it be legal? I just heard that federal drug agents can prosecute people who take it to relieve pain and diseases. Should the sick or disabled be subject to the same penalties of the law as the ones who use it for their own pleasure? I think the risk of getting arrested might be worth it for the sick and dying. I know that if I was terminally ill and using it helped control some of the pain, I would use it.


So If you need it to survive, why not take the prescribed THC pills? Its just another argument for potheads to get it legalized.


I don’t see why not


I have never taken a THC pill, but have heard that they do not have the same effectiveness of smoking pot.

I have seen pot ruin plenty of lives. In some ways worse than others. I’ve seen people that are nothing more than temporary laborers making minimum wage because they cant get motivated enough to get up and do something about their lives. I’ve also seen people in descent paying jobs that miss out on much more simply because they cant pass a drug test to move on.

But I’ve also seen alcohol ruin many more lives, in many many more ways. I know each of you have seen many alcoholics that are much worse off than the pothead down the road. I am a drinker, and years ago have done my share of smoking as well.

But, would pot really be that bad to make legal? I dont have cancer, and I dont know if smoking pot really does take more pain away then say a prescribed narcotic…but is that better? Absolutely not! Is smoking pot any worse than being an alcoholic? I’d say no. I would say that if smoking pot helps a cancer patient then so be it. Its a better solution than oxycotin.


I would would use it if I thought it would help ease any suffering or discomfort. The only issue I would have with Pot is not being able to get the prime bud if I needed it. :cool


if pot was legal, we could use the police time and money for more important things… plus it would help make third world countries get a better economy…



To be quite honest, I dont see why the government didnt legalize pot a long time ago. Think about it, They raise the taxes on tobacco and alcohol everytime you turn around and they make a killing on it. Could you even imagine the money to be made from taxing something like bud?? Dont get me wrong, I indulge every now and then mahself :cool But i just dont think there will ever be a valid reason to legalize it. Not as far as medical reasons go. Oh, and Blackwater, The government has some of the best bud out there. A buddy of mine who was in the Army for 14 years told me that he had a friend who was paralized in the Army and they sent him MJ in a coffee tin like container every month. They were already pre-rolled into joints and there were about 150 in a tin. Brett told me that that was some of the best smoke he EVAR had. He had told me about how they grow it also. @ 1/4 acre inside a 12 ft chainlink fence with barbed wire and razor wire atop the chain link and 2 armed guards at ALL times outside the only gate in or out. I know, I sound like the conspiracy theoris pothead. :cool


pot was only illegalized to help control immigration from mexico. it is bs that it is illegal. i dont smoke it, i dont care.


Yep the govt. has some great hybrid stuff.


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so where is this again?

light up their field… and then the big mushroom cloud will make people happy…


hell, i’ve never done anything in my life, not even beer or a cigarette, but if they made pot legal, i’d light up now and again, least on my days off. :wink:


Legalize the shit. Fuck the government. :banana :fu


i think the goverenment should legalize cociane and lsd too… yes… its all coming together now


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[quote=red plate]i think the goverenment should legalize cociane and lsd too… yes… its all coming together now[/quote] :rofl