MEET maybe?


OK, Me and jOe just found out that we will be having to go to virginia in July. If yall can figure something out to where we could do the meet around that time we can stop in. :slight_smile: I think we have to be in virginia on july 1st and we are done around july 3rd. SOOO… Get something started!!! :slight_smile: Is that time good for anyone else?

And for all people that are close to ga… Me and joe are thinking about having another meet her in october or sometime around then, so if you cant make it to the one in/around virigina, then maybe you could make it to me and joes.


What part of Virginia??? Near a beach??? :rock


im not really sure. We dont have to do it in virginia…we could always do it in a state that is close by or maybe between ga and virginia. :slight_smile: Doesnt matter to us… Ill find out where at in virginia and get back to you


Hmmm, well I don’t know about July-- depends on where it is and if I can take off work.

But, I could maybe do the meet in October b/c my man will be back by then and he might wanna come. Plus, he might have a stang then… so I wouldn’t have to come alone. It’d be so lonely. :frowning:


Consarnit!* This is the second one I’m gonna miss… stupid military.

  • If you didn’t know… that’s old time talk for “WHAT THE FUCK!”


so no house painting meet??? aw shucks :dunno


we’ll see…I’ll have to figure out whats going then


thats alright, may 1st ill be in valdosta looking for a lonely brand new house on a certain coldasack. and once i find it, well, its gonna be the color of my choosing :lol :banana


you are still welcome to come help!! We will actually have the keys on april 29th!!! So come then! I ll even give you directions. :slight_smile:


My house.

This Friday & Saturday.

Free tap water.


is that a friday? k ill get the day off.


everyone is still welcome in Md to shake things up


what ya guys coming up here for…ya doing a gun-run :smiley:


Virgina? sure thing… I gotta get the car tuned up before then though. I’d love to go to VA to meet up with my friend who moved back there anyway.


Re: RE: MEET maybe??

you dont wanna go to VA Beach, its frickin disgusting there. but then again, theres Busch Gardens near there and oh my mom lives out that way too. hrmm it would be a nice vacation for me :rock


Re: RE: MEET maybe??

Some family reunion or something. (joes family)


Family reunions :rock I like all the food. I could care less about my relatives. I tell them to just feed me and shut the hell up! :smiley: I’m kidding.


^^^ NOOO… NOT their food!! lol… Both times she feed me over the weekend, I thought I was gonna be sick. I hate to say that… but its true. Joe even made me run to the store to get him some wheat thins LOL.


Aw that sucks! I was always lucky because everyone that brought food to my family reunions could cook. Well, I did have one Aunt that would bring a bucket of KFC though.

I’m hungry now…


Hey Joe/Veronica.

How far are you guys from Naples, Fla? How long would it take me to drive to your place from there?