Memorial Day Weekend!


Its Memorial Day Weekend. The kickoff to summer! The first picnic of the year! Lets watch the kiddies freeze in the cold pool, eat some brats and drink plenty of beer. Is that what Memorial Day is for? Do we know? Do we really understand what we are supposed to remember?

Tell me….what does Memorial Day mean to you? Who are you remembering?

I personally have a father in law that fought in Vietnam. I have heard many horrific stories, and those are only the ones that he can speak of. He is nearly deaf in one ear, and has emotional scars forever. I also have a great grandfather that died in WWII. Although I never met him, I do have to remember him, and those now serving our country. Lets Celebrate the Life we have because of them!!!

Did I mention that I like brats too??? LoL!!!


my grandfather was 17 when the draft was enstated for WWII. he told me he had 2 options: a) be drafted, or b) enlist as a military officer. he chose enlisting over the forced draft and became an officer and didnt have to fight. he did mechanical and engineering stuff for the engines of tanks and aircraft. he later worked as an engineer for DuPont. he used his wisdom at such a young age to determine his future. he now has a great retirement and enjoys his home at the lake as well as in town.

i greatly respect him for his decisions and i credit much of my knowledge to him. i love to reflect and remember who my grandfather is- i also respect others who fight for our freedom :rock


I always put my flag out. We take my Dads Pearl Harbor flag and place it on the Mantel. It’s in a case. We also take out My wifes fathers picture and some of his ribbons. He fought in the Phillippines in WWII. He is a Philipino by the way. He was a real war Hero. He saved a bunch of American GI’s and some female nurses. Hid them in the Mountains and worked with the allied forces ambushing the Japanese forces.

My Brother was a Marine in Vietnam. He was wounded twice and survived.

I did 20 +yrs in the Navy myself.

I am very thankfull for all of our Military men and women who have served and are still serving. Rember the saying All gave some, but some gave all.



Memorial day means alot to me too. My grandfather also faught in the vietnam war, he is also passed away. :frowning: But, he didnt die from the war, he died from heart problems about 8 years ago.

I dont think we will be celebrating it, because i have to work :frowning:


bummer im off and to daytona beach I go :slight_smile: My dad and grandfather are both veterans yat my grandpa died a long time ago from altsheimers or however you spell it. i didntknow him at all. so wasnt able to get any stories. :usa