revolution8k (7:04:11 PM): omghi2u
NaturalDisarray (7:04:19 PM): hi
revolution8k (7:04:41 PM): what is the new?
NaturalDisarray (7:05:34 PM): cleaning the living room righ tnow
revolution8k (7:05:54 PM): nice, I vacuumed an hour ago actually.
revolution8k (7:09:39 PM): quite aundrea
revolution8k (7:09:42 PM): quiet
NaturalDisarray (7:10:09 PM): im cleaning
NaturalDisarray (7:10:23 PM): these houses have tile floors through-out
NaturalDisarray (7:10:29 PM): so i have to sweep and mop
NaturalDisarray (7:10:38 PM): i wish i could just vaccuum
revolution8k (7:10:51 PM): ok ok I see I annoyed you. get to cleanin!
NaturalDisarray (7:11:14 PM): hey, you said it
NaturalDisarray (7:11:14 PM): not me



did u seriously start that conversation the way it looks? :gay


I’m entirely too hyper and I felt like annoying someone.

Mission accomplished!


:lol :rofl :funnah



[quote=2000Si]I’m entirely too hyper and I felt like annoying someone.

Mission accomplished![/quote]

revolution8k: wtfImustkillj00!

So leave me alone focker :fu





:lol :rofl :funnah


I really think you need to get some confidence, kiddo. Just because I’m cleaning the house you assumed you were annoying me. If you were annoying me, I wouldn’t have said anything to you, or I would have told you myself. But, if you want to clean the house for me…


lol I have confidence enough in myself to know that both you and I were joking around. I knew you wanted to concentrate on cleaning the house, so I let you get to it. :smiley:

and if I didn’t have to clean so much already of my own… I just might have.


maybe we should all send meyhem a msg, since apparently he didn’t succeed in annoying her?


she signed off.


hahaha she said grow some balls


OUZ, that’s quite impossible, sir.


we could spam her through pm’s…



good thing I have Y!Tunnel on Yahoo messenger, and I never really sign on to AIM

you punks. :booty



BS: you msg’d me one day on aim




besides, i know someone who can get your IP address :banana


I know a bunch of peeps



Yeah, I could right now if I felt like divulging personal information…

but you know Kevin… for the right price… thinks